We develop and manufacture maternity wear with integrated belly support. Our patented design enables a different functionality from the existing ones. Instead of compressing the belly into the body, it just lifts it, as a pregnant woman does it with her own hands.

It may look simple, but our first product “EasyBelly” includes a lot of research and exploration. We have reviewed all of the complaints on the existing products, consulted with OB-GYNs and pelvic floor physiotherapists and have successfully tested the product on a group of 45 pregnant women, who vary in body size, shape and age and who were all in their 3rd trimester of pregnancy. We have also carefully chosen the materials and the construction of the garment.


We feel that maternity wear should not only be stylish and look good, but should also be functional and provide support especially when it is mostly needed during pregnancy, when a woman’s body is undergoing constant changes.

Our next product – denim overalls with built-in integrated support, was inspired by the work we did while developing the “EasyBelly”. We wanted to take the “EasyBelly” to the next step and turn it into a contemporary everyday piece of maternity
clothing that pregnant woman would desire to wear all throughout her pregnancy and we thought there is nothing better and more classic than denim overalls.
The denim overall gives the women the opportunity to look good and feel good without
the need of an additional belt or other support garment under their clothes.

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