terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. General

1.1. The Website (hereinafter: the “Website”) is operated by “Johnny’s mama”, licensed dealer 306622457, (hereinafter referred to as “Johnny’s mama”, or “the Company”). The Website allows the purchase of the proposed product(s) and / or browsing the Website for any purpose (hereinafter referred to as “Action”).

1.2.  The Company may close the Website and change, from time to time, its structure, appearance and product(s) offered, without having to notify you in advance. Therefore, you will not make any claim, claim or claim against the Website operators and / or the Company in connection therewith.

1.3.  These Articles apply equally to both sexes, and the use of male language is for convenience only. Everywhere where male language is used in this document, it also refers to female and vice versa.

1.4.  These Terms and Conditions apply to every user of the Website and / or any person performing an action on the Website (hereinafter: “User”).

1.5. Each user must fully and carefully read these policies to ensure that all information provided by him for the purpose of using the Website is accurate and to confirm in the designated place that he has read the policy, prior to making a payment order. Approval of the policy reading constitutes approval and consent to all sections contained therein.

1.6. These Terms and Conditions shall form the legal basis for any legal and / or non-legal hearing that may exist between the User and the Company.

1.7. In the event of a conflict and / or inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and other publications of the Company, the Terms and Conditions will prevail.

1.8. The Company reserves the right to change and / or update the policies at any time, in its sole discretion.

1.9. Valid Instructions for any order payment are those published on the Website at the time of the order payment.

1.10.  All prices on the website include Israeli VAT.

2. Purchase

2.1. Purchase through the Website can only be made by a person over the age of 18, who may take a legal action, who is a resident of Israel or a foreign resident, if he has:
2.1.2. A credit card on his name (valid on the date of purchase) issued to him by one of the lawfully operating credit companies and which can be cleared by one of the lawfully operating credit companies.
2.1.3. An e-mail address, active and operational on the day of the purchase, which is used to receive and send an e-mail.
2.2. Inquiries and other actions can also be carried out by telephone, at the number published on the website.
2.3. A prerequisite for the validity of the purchase on the Website is the approval of the credit card company relevant to the transaction and for it.
2.4. If the payment for the purchase on the Website is carried out by telephone, the user will be charged for the transaction after the credit card details have been provided for the charge.
2.5. When making a purchase on the Website, the user will be asked to provide personal information, as specified on the Website, including payment information and a national identification number or a social security number. In accordance with the privacy policy set forth in section 6 of these terms and conditions, credit card details and national identification numbers and social security numbers are not retained in the Company’s records.
2.6. The User hereby declares that he is aware that the falsification of false personal information is strictly prohibited and constitutes a criminal offense under the provisions of the Israeli Penal Code, 5730 – 1977 and / or under any law. In addition, the Company may revoke any action taken through the Website if the User has submitted false or partial details.
2.7. After making a purchase on the Website, the user will be sent a message with the purchase details to the e-mail address provided on the Website (hereinafter: “Confirmation Notice”).
2.8. The Company will not be liable for receipt of confirmation, if the e-mail address provided by the user of the Website is incorrect.
2.9. A confirmation message only indicates that the order details were received on the system. It will not constitute confirmation of receipt of the product and / or payment for the product and / or confirmation of anything else.
2.10. In case that a transaction is not approved by the credit companies, the user will be notified accordingly. In such a case, in order to complete the purchase, the user will have to contact the company by telephone to arrange the credit company’s approval to execute the transaction, within 7 days of receiving the notification of the credit company’s refusal. It will be clarified and emphasized that the shipping and delivery dates will only be considered from the date of transaction approval by the credit company and completion of the purchase.
2.11. The Company does its best to ensure that the products displayed on the Website are in stock. However, there may be situations where a product is out of stock and due to an error and / or malfunction, the same product was ordered before a notice was posted on the site. In this case, a message will be sent to the user, who ordered the product, either through the e-mail address registered or via the telephone.
The Company reserves the right to offer the user the opportunity to purchase a replacement product of similar nature and price. If the user refuses an offer for such an alternative product, his order will be canceled, and the company will return the payment, using the same payment method, used by the user.

3. Order supply

3.1. The product(s) will be delivered according to the supply options and in accordance with the tariffs listed on the website only. Delivery days include full business days only and do not include Saturdays and holidays.
3.2. At the time of filling the order details, the user will select a shipping method as specified on the website. The delivery time of the product will be determined by the delivery method chosen by the user.
3.3. If the user chooses the “self-collection” option, the user will not be charged for shipping. Once the order is completed on the Website, the option of shipping method will not be changed if the product(s) has already been shipped. If the product(s) have not yet been shipped, the Company will do its best to comply with the user’s request to change the shipping method. In case of “self-collection”, the product(s) must be collected from the Company no later than fourteen business days from the date of order, unless notified by the Company otherwise and in coordination with the Company.
3.4. If, at the time of placing the order and / or completing the purchase, the user has provided incorrect information and / or incorrect address, the company and / or the person responsible for the arrival of the product(s) purchased by the user to the user shall not be liable. In case that the product(s) purchased by the user are returned to the company due to incorrect details provided, as stated, when placing the order and / or completing the purchase, the user will be charged a fee for all additional shipping and handling.
3.5. Delays in the supply of the product(s) as a result of events outside the Company’s control (e.g. mail service failure, downtime, hostilities and / or force majeure) are not the responsibility of the Company and / or anyone on its behalf. In such cases, the company may notify the cancellation of the purchase, in whole or in part, and cancel the user’s bill accordingly.
3.6. It is clarified that the delivery times for products that are not delivered door-to-door, via a courier, cannot be controlled by the company and / or on its behalf and are not under the control, and the user hereby declares that he will have no claim against the company and / or whoever, due to disruptions in non – door-to-door shipping methods the supply.
3.7. Delivery of product(s) by courier shall be carried out in accordance with the policy of the company carrying out the shipment and the list of localities to which it is shipped. If the Company is unable to make the shipment with a courier to the customer’s home, for any reason (including security and / or severe weather), the shipment will be by a registered mail via Israel Post.
The Company has the exclusive discretion regarding the cancellation of the order and delivery due to the conditions stated above.

Cancellation / Return Policy

4.1. Cancellation of an order shall be made in accordance with and subject to the Israeli Consumer Protection Law, 1981 (hereinafter “the Consumer Protection Law”).
4.2. Refunds will be made in the event of cancellation of purchases from the Website only, and subject to the shipment of the product(s) to the Company address within 14 calendar days of delivery of the Product(s) to the User, when the Product(s) returned to the Company are brand new (s) without any use marks, in the original packaging and including the receipt given for the purchase.
The Company will not bear the shipping fee for the refund, as stated.
4.3. Notification of cancellation shall be made by telephone, or email to the Company’s e-mail, stated on the Website.
4.4. Upon cancellation of an order, the customer will be charged a cancellation fee of 5% of the amount of the product(s) or 100 ILS, whichever is lower.
4.5. A refund will be made by the same means of payment in which the transaction was made; the credit card with which the order was placed on the Website, or the PayPal account through which the order was placed.

5. Warranty

5.1. Manufacturer’s warranty shall apply to the Company’s products for up to 30 calendar days only from the date of purchase.
5.2. There might be discrepancies in the exact colors between of products’ images on the Website and the provided product(s). The products on the website are presented in good faith and under the responsibility of the company. If the user has purchased a defective product, he / she is entitled to exchange, or return, or cancel the purchase and receive his money back, as set forth in these Terms and Conditions.
5.3. The Company and / or its representative shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, special or consequential damages, and / or any other damages of any kind, including, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, damages for Loss of use, loss of data or loss of profit arising from or in any way related to the use or performance of the Website, for any delay in the use or inability to use the Website, the supply or non-supply of any products or devices, or any information, software, product, service and accompanying graphics obtained through the Website, and / or in any other manner arising from the use of the Website, whether based on an agreement or tort, absolute responsibility, and / or any other grounds, even if the Company and / or any of its representatives know about the possibility of such damages.
5.4. The service on the Website is given as is. The User shall have no claim and / or demand against the Company and / or anyone on its behalf for the service’s features, capabilities, limitations or suitability to the user’s needs and requirements.
5.5. The Company undertakes to do its utmost to secure the Website and the level of service therein, but does not undertake that the service on the Website will not be interrupted, will be provided without interruption, be safe and error free, and / or be immune from unauthorized access to the Company’s computers, damages, breakdowns, malfunctions. – Including faults in the hardware, software or lines of communication to the Company, and / or anyone on its behalf.

6. Privacy Policy

“Jonny’s mama” respects the privacy of users of the websites it manages and operates (hereinafter “the Sites”). Therefore, the company has decided to publish its privacy policy on websites, and it commits to the user complying with this policy.
The purpose of the policy is to explain what the Company’s practices are regarding the privacy of users of the Sites, and how the Company uses information provided to it by users of the Sites or collected by them when using the Sites.
6.1. To the extent that personal information is required when registering or when providing services and / or purchasing a product(s) on the Sites, the Company will only request the information directly necessary to purchase the product(s) and / or the service(s).
6.2. All information that will be collected when performing Website operations will be stored in the Company’s database (except credit card details and social security numbers).
6.3. The Company will not pass on the personal information collected on the Sites to any other suppliers and / or shipping companies, in order to complete the purchase on the Sites.
6.4. Subject to clause 6.3 above, the Company will not pass on to any third party private personal information about the User and / or any information collected about the user’s activities on the Sites except in the cases set out below:
• if the user violates the law;
• If a judicial order is received instructing the user’s information or information about it to a third party;
• If the Company sells or transfers the Website activity to any corporation in any form – and in the event that it merges with another entity or merges the Sites activity with a third party activity, provided that such corporation undertakes to comply with this Privacy Policy.
6.5. The Company may use the personal information provided by the user for the purpose of analyzing statistical information and providing this statistical information to other parties. In this case, the data will not be treated personally by the user and will not be identifiable according to the statistics.
6.6. Under the Privacy Protection Law, 1981, any person is entitled to read the information held on him in a database. If he looks at his information on it and finds that it is incorrect, incomplete, unclear or not up to date, he may contact the database owner to correct the information or delete it. Such an inquiry should be directed directly to the Company, according to the contact details provided in Section 9 of these Terms and Conditions.
6.7. In addition, if the information in the Company’s databases is used for personal contact with the user, the user is entitled under the Privacy Protection Act, 1981, to require in writing that the information relating to it be deleted from the database.
6.8. Changes to the Privacy Policy: in case of significant changes in this policy, in the instructions concerning the use of personal information provided by the user, a notice will be posted on the site’s homepages.

7. Direct electronic mail

Subject to user consent, the Company will periodically e-mail marketing, advertising or other information to the User. The user can at any time opt out of receiving mail and cease receiving information.

8. Cookies

The Company’s website uses “cookies” to provide fast and efficient service to the user and to collect statistics about the use of the website and to suit the user’s personal preferences and information security needs. “Cookies” do not contain any information that personally identifies the user and the browser software can be set to refuse to accept them.

9. Company’s contact information

E-mail: [email protected]
Address: P.O. Box 10563, Ramat Gan, Israel 5247222.
Telephone: +972-557225808, Sunday to Thursday from 10am to 3pm, excluding holidays.